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    I appreciate the hell out of your feedback.

    1) I can’t afford to buy a new theme. That said I do already have a membership with elegant themes. What do you suggest I change about it? I didn’t think it hard to read but that said i have an obvious bias. lol Do i need to overhaul my site, or just choose different images and fonts?

    2) What are some different fonts and images you suggest? I guess in my head i was trying to be different. I don’t want to sacrifice business for the sake of pointless creativity.

    3) The sites are in a slider there are 9 of them. I can change the way they are presented if the slider is too much. I took off the ad.

    4) I’ve been trying to use craigslist and while i have a couple maybes that I’ve been in contact with i have nothing definitive.

    The email in which I reply to jobs on craigslist looks something along these lines.

    “Hi I’m Brandon Booth, a local web designer who is experienced with WordPress and graphic design. Are you still looking to put the finishing touches on your site? I live in SE Michigan. My website and are examples of my work. I have multisite and ecommerce experience as well. My phone number is (810) 956-8441. I can help you finish your site and do so much more. I appreciate your time in advanced.”

    This was in reply to someone who was looking to finish his site. I appreciate any and all suggestions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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