SEO Resources

Below are the resources necessary to stay at the forefront of search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing. Some of the links will take you to blogs and websites specializing in reporting about SEO, while others will provide you with great tools to help you improve the position of your site in search results. Please feel free to comment and suggest other resources. We are constantly updating this page, adding new links and making corrections daily.

SEO Tools

Keyword Research

  • An amazing keyword research tool is   This tool takes advantage of suggestions that Google gives you when you type.
  •‎ – I know this is the most obvious search tool but I just had to include it in my list!

Backlinks Analysis

Onsite Optimization

Website Traffic and Demographics Report

Business and Domain Name Research

Searching for a good business or domain name takes time. You should check all of the below resources before ultimately choosing which name works best for you. You never know which one will help you find the perfect name or bring to light one that may already be taken!

SEO and Internet Marketing News

Other Important Tools:

  •  – When you change servers, information about new DNS server names must propagate across the globe. This can take up to 24 hours. This tool allows you to monitor this propagation.
  •   – This tool allows you to check the speed of your site.
  •  – This tool is a speed test from Google that deeply analyzes issues and makes suggestions for how to fix them.
  •  – This tool allows you to check who owns a particular domain.
  •  – This is a great tool for designers and developers who take SEO very seriously.
  •  – This site hosts some great SEO tools and most of them are free! I personally recommend “Free Monitor for Google.”


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