Learning Python Programming

I am a Lamp developer, but I have only used PHP for many years until I had the opportunity to learn and utilize working with Python. I am always very excited to learn a new language because Python is high in demand and it’s also very popular. Another added bonus about Python is adding it to your resume which can be an added bonus if you are seeking a programming position with a heavy hitter such as Google.

Learning Python Without The Need To Learn Programming

My experienced developing background with solid knowledge of programming languages (PHP, C/C++, HTML/CSS, and JS) made me want to find resources that would allow me to learn Python from scratch, but without walking through basic explanations of general knowledge like loops, classes, and variables. Before I started my journey into Python, I did solid research for online resources and books that were suitable to my requirements.

I had only one recommendation – Dive Into Python.

Below are a few more resources which are recommended if you have programming experience and would like to learn Python:

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