Looking for recurring revenue ideas for my web agency

Looking for recurring revenue ideas for my web agency

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    Hi, I am providing web design to my clients, but after the project is done they are gone and only sometimes come back with more work. I am looking for some ideas on how to generate recurring business from existing clients. I already offer SEO and provide hosting. Any help will be appreciated!



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    Did you tell them you offer other things? Clients often think you just do web design and are not aware of your other skills. This is an example of an email I send to my clients:

    Subject: Follow up

    Hi ____,

    It is already 2 weeks since we pushed your website live. I just want to follow up and see if you have any questions or need any assistance. I really enjoyed working with you on this project, and I wanted to let you know that on top of web design and development, I also provide other services. So, if you need any assistance with the items listed below, feel free to contact me:
    online advertising, social media and SEO
    graphic design (print and digital)
    newsletter design and distribution
    website maintenance

    Thank you!



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    Some ideas:

    – Google (adwords), Bing, Yahoo, Social Media Marketing (Facebook , Twitter etc.)
    – Social media management
    – Email marketing (copywriting, design, distribution, gaining new subscribers)
    – Translation (translate blog posts or a website to other languages, you can outsource it)
    – Blog post writing
    – YouTube marketing
    – SEO monthly reports with keywords tracking (you can create automated reporting in Google Analytics for that or use sites like seomoz and majestic.com)
    – Audience/market research

    Dev and design:
    – SSL reseller and installation, Domain Registration
    – Web Hosting / Email Hosting
    – Website maintenance, especially if a client has ecommerce, they usually need help adding new products (retouching images), creating promo codes etc.
    – Photography (outsource it if you are not a good photographer)
    – Creating and designing social media profiles
    – Email setup (help clients use their brand email with gmail, outlook etc.)
    – Setting up Google Analytics, Webmaster Tool and teaching clients how to use it. If you know Google Analytics well, you can help them to create complex user’s tracking which is great for ecommerce
    – Website backup

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    You could offer social media management and ppc management. If your client gets a lot of traffic, you could also offer IT related services like backups, anti virus scans. another category with recurring revenue is customer support like livechat.



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    All great suggestions so far. Personally I provide all projects with a year of free hosting. 80% of clients take this option which means a year after their project they will become annual hosting clients. Over the course of 5 yrs I have a retention rate of about 75% on hosting clients. (Some close shop, others move sites, etc…). This has turned into a very lucrative piece of my business. In the recent year I became a domain registrar and also provide SSL certs. This has allowed me to drive further business from this segment. I am currently signing all new clients with an SSL so this has doubled the profit from hosting alone.

    I have also branched out and provide social media marketing help. I use hoot suite and help clients schedule postings out over quarter periods. This is one of the fastest growing areas of my business now and has expanded to FB ad management.

    Another area I work in is print marketing materials. Business cards, banners, etc. I have been able to beat local print shops pricing and quality and have been driving all customers to get their print materials from me.

    Getting repeat business from a former client is easier then obtaining new clients. It also helps create a relationship and that can lead to warm leads from past customers. Those are gold and should never been taken for granted.

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