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23Oct 2015
How to Create the Perfect Elevator and Email Pitch for Your Web Design Services
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How to Create the Perfect Elevator and Email Pitch for Your Web Design Services

What do you do?

It is one of the most common questions asked, yet also one of the hardest to answer.

Many people misunderstand the reason for an elevator pitch, and think the right pitch will create a sale. Instead of being the end of the sales process, an elevator pitch is the start of a conversation, hopefully one that leads to future business and long term relationships. read more

4Apr 2015
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Why Many Freelancers Fail and How You Can Succeed

There is a lot to love about the life of a freelancer.  From setting your own hours to working at home, anyone who has spent time as their own boss understands the joys – and difficulties – of freelance work.

Starting your own business comes with a unique set of challenges, often leading to mistakes made during your entrepreneurial career. Here is a list of some of the most common freelancing mistakes, and how (and why) to avoid them. read more

8Sep 2014
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How much for a small business website in New York City? Research, interesting results and conclusions.

Market research and knowing your competition is a crucial aspect of any successful business. If you don’t know the prices your competitors are charging, or the saturation level of your niche market, you are operating in the dark. One way to discover the state of the freelance web design market is to publish a fake job request and see how your competitors respond. (I realize some may find this approach a bit underhanded, but I found it to be an effective way to learn about your competition). The easiest and most basic research can be accomplished with a job posting on CraigsList. I recently submitted a web design ad for the NYC marketplace and have gathered the results, along with my conclusions, below. read more

24Aug 2014
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[Giveaway from my personal collection] Step by step instructions to set-up Gmail for use with a custom email domain without Google Apps for Business‎

When clients ask how to easily access their business email without using the default app provided by their hosting service, I always recommend the Gmail interface. Gmail allows you to access your company domain email directly from your personal Gmail account, and when using the process I outline below, Google Apps for Business is not required. read more

24Jul 2014
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How to dress for meeting a client. Web Designer goes shopping.

In the beginning of my freelance web design career I read a bunch of books teaching how to start and run a web design business. All of them were claiming that a professional dress, preferably a suit with a well ironed shirt and a fancy tie, will make you stand out from other web designers and make you look like somebody taking things seriously. In fact, I tested this technique over the last few years and at one point one of my clients, and now a friend (@HermannM, who luckily for me hired me), told me: “Daniel, I am glad I met you and we work together, but I must tell you the first day we met you scared the shit out of me. You were dressed like a damn lawyer.” read more

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