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14Jul 2014
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How to get web design clients in 2014. What works and what doesn’t.

The competition is huge in the web design marketplace, but there are still hundreds of potential projects popping up daily. With the right focus on sources of leads which can easily bring you new clients, you will stay busy all year long. But things change fast and the way you find new web design clients changes every year. What worked last year may not bring you clients today, and popular social media places, even if seen as a potential source of new clients, are not always where you want to invest your time. read more

5Aug 2013
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How Web Designers Can Find New Clients with Job Board Sites

There are various ways to go about finding a new web design client: you can receive new leads through referrals, advertise your services on AdWords, use search engines, and even attempt cold calling (though be warned, this tends to no longer work). But what option will reap the most success? The answer is simple, freelance job sites. Though there are various job sites to choose from (which can sometimes lead to frustration when deciding where and what to look at), these do tend to be the best online resources for finding new clients. It was actually the frustration of struggling to search through hundreds and hundreds of job postings to find decent referrals that I decided to create Area301. read more