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20Sep 2013
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Web Design Client Questionnaire

As soon as a client is showing interest in working with me, I always send out a short questionnaire. The goal is to find out more information about the client, and expectations or a vision for what the potential project will entail. This information and knowledge will allow me to prepare a better pitch and a proposal, learn what I can expect from this client, and decide whether or not working with this client will be in my best interest. Sometimes, I will also email those questions to the client before the meeting and use them as an agenda for the meeting. Many of my clients prefer to describe and discuss all of those answers rather than type them up. read more

17Aug 2013
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How to get .99 Cent Domain Names from GoDaddy

No promo code needed. All you nee to do is search in Google for “GoDaddy” and click a link on their AdWords ad “$0.99 Domain Name Sale.” It looks like GoDaddy is having this promotion all year long. If you have problem finding it, try to search for “GoDaddy” in an another browser or clean a history and cookies of your currently opened browser – AdWords ads use frequency capping. read more

6Aug 2013
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Document Templates for Web Designers

Using well-prepared documents not only demonstrates your professionalism, but also protects you from problems that may arise with clients. I learned this the hard way when I started my freelancing business and did not pay enough attention to using the correct documents, contracts, invoices, etc. Well-written documents can have immense power, so use them to your advantage. These templates will provide you with professional documents that will help to grow your business and your reputation. read more