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17Aug 2013
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How to get .99 Cent Domain Names from GoDaddy

No promo code needed. All you nee to do is search in Google for “GoDaddy” and click a link on their AdWords ad “$0.99 Domain Name Sale.” It looks like GoDaddy is having this promotion all year long. If you have problem finding it, try to search for “GoDaddy” in an another browser or clean a history and cookies of your currently opened browser – AdWords ads use frequency capping. read more

6Aug 2013
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Document Templates for Web Designers

Using well-prepared documents not only demonstrates your professionalism, but also protects you from problems that may arise with clients. I learned this the hard way when I started my freelancing business and did not pay enough attention to using the correct documents, contracts, invoices, etc. Well-written documents can have immense power, so use them to your advantage. These templates will provide you with professional documents that will help to grow your business and your reputation. read more

5Aug 2013
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WordPress Themes for your Web Design Portfolio

Do not use free themes for your small business. You can purchase a nice professional theme for under $100, so don’t try to save money by using free themes that often aren’t built well and come with many bugs. If you select a theme that meets your business’s web design needs you can end up almost with no customization needed. Of course it is nice to have a completely unique portfolio page, but at the end of day all that really matters is that your website has a professional look and feel that appeals to your clients. read more

5Aug 2013
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How Web Designers Can Find New Clients with Job Board Sites

There are various ways to go about finding a new web design client: you can receive new leads through referrals, advertise your services on AdWords, use search engines, and even attempt cold calling (though be warned, this tends to no longer work). But what option will reap the most success? The answer is simple, freelance job sites. Though there are various job sites to choose from (which can sometimes lead to frustration when deciding where and what to look at), these do tend to be the best online resources for finding new clients. It was actually the frustration of struggling to search through hundreds and hundreds of job postings to find decent referrals that I decided to create Area301. read more

5Aug 2013
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SEO Resources

Below are the resources necessary to stay at the forefront of search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing. Some of the links will take you to blogs and websites specializing in reporting about SEO, while others will provide you with great tools to help you improve the position of your site in search results. Please feel free to comment and suggest other resources. We are constantly updating this page, adding new links and making corrections daily. read more

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