4Feb 2014
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I am a Gmail user, but I came across a situation in which I needed to make a switch and use Hotmail. After working a week extensively with I could not believe how a big company like Microsoft creates such a difficult user experience system. I worked with UX for a few years and within a few minutes of using Hotmail, I had a long list of usability issues that could be fixed within one business day by an average webmaster. read more

3Feb 2014
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Learning Python Programming

I am a Lamp developer, but I have only used PHP for many years until I had the opportunity to learn and utilize working with Python. I am always very excited to learn a new language because Python is high in demand and it’s also very popular. Another added bonus about Python is adding it to your resume which can be an added bonus if you are seeking a programming position with a heavy hitter such as Google. read more

10Jan 2014
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What is the best tool for cross-browser and cross-device testing?

You cannot claim yourself as a professional web developer if your sites are optimized for a very narrow set of devices and browsers.  Full functioning cross-browser compatibility is something that distinguishes a professional web developer from a hobbyist web developer.  In order to make your projects look good on major screens, you will need sophisticated development skills and a great tool for testing websites in various environments.  I spent a great deal of time researching the market and testing different tools for cross-browser compatibility.  Indeed, there is a clear winner. read more

7Nov 2013
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Quick Tip: Organizing your Google Document

I am a huge fan of Evernote, but I love working with Google Docs. Working with many Google Doc’s at once is a pain when you are trying to find a specific document. There are folders you can use to organize your docs and there is also a search box. However, none of these work well if you are a busy developer with tons of docs in which you share with different people. So, I found a trick: how to get organized with your Google Docs by using bookmarks. read more

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