2Sep 2013
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How to Write an Email To A Potential Client [template included]

This is very important and crucial for your business to master writing emails to potential clients. Before you sit and write an email, you need to assume that your potential client is getting thousands of proposals. Sending an email is like sending your resume or promotional newsletter, you need to make sure to stand out from the crowd. The goal is to make your reader be interested in you within just few seconds of his/her interaction with your message. Below I have included an example of an email which I use myself when I am inquiring about a potential job or introducing myself to a new client. Here is a list to review and advice on how to create an effective initial contact (introductory) email. read more

28Aug 2013
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Adobe Creative Cloud Review

Creative Cloud is a subscription based model for all of Adobe most successful products.  The company made a huge announcement at the Adobe MAX conference in May about taking its entire suite to the cloud to prevent software privacy and provide new updates over the air.  The traditional formation of Adobe, such as Photoshop was a hard sell, because some of the formats would cost almost $700.  Now, the digital artist community can pay between $20 – $50 monthly for the same tools in a new web-ready format. read more

19Aug 2013
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How to deal with high maintenance clients [post with podcast]

Learning how and when to say ‘No’ to potential or existing clients is a key to successful web design business. In the latest episode of the podcast “This is your Life,” Michael Hyatt  is covering in a great way how to identify and handle this type of client. I encourage you to listen to the entire episode, there is solid practical advice and concrete tips on dealing with difficult situations facing freelancers on daily basis. You can listen to the podcast from the browser (use the player below) or find it on iTunes. You may also visit the Micheals’ post about this podcast. read more

17Aug 2013
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How to get .99 Cent Domain Names from GoDaddy

No promo code needed. All you nee to do is search in Google for “GoDaddy” and click a link on their AdWords ad “$0.99 Domain Name Sale.” It looks like GoDaddy is having this promotion all year long. If you have problem finding it, try to search for “GoDaddy” in an another browser or clean a history and cookies of your currently opened browser – AdWords ads use frequency capping. read more

6Aug 2013
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Document Templates for Web Designers

Using well-prepared documents not only demonstrates your professionalism, but also protects you from problems that may arise with clients. I learned this the hard way when I started my freelancing business and did not pay enough attention to using the correct documents, contracts, invoices, etc. Well-written documents can have immense power, so use them to your advantage. These templates will provide you with professional documents that will help to grow your business and your reputation. read more

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